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Evening session – Thursday 7-8.15pm
Morning session – Wednesday 10.30-11.45am

Both classes online, take your pick but let me know you are coming along please.





Kundalini Awakening Teacher Training 2020

As the December Solstice approaches, you too are nearing the end of an eventful year of preparation for change and the clearing away of distractions.

Perhaps you noticed sleep interruptions, emotional sensitivities, or a desire to withdraw. These all highlight the type of activation of last year which reaches its apex on the solstice 21/12/2019. Where old realities and timelines are dissolving. 2019 repositioned us for the new wave of light consciousness which will be anchoring in 2020.

To prepare yourself the Kundalini Awakening Training is the perfect key to work along side the energies of 2020. Get yourself ready now ~ clean up whatever is no longer fulfilling or rewarding. Let it drop. Let it go. Help yourself focus on whats important, the ‘Inner YOU’, cultivating your strength and standing tall, not to get distracted by the the small stuff.

At Amrit Nam Sarovar we are dedicated to serve the great awakening of humanity, and Shivdev invites you to join this training program. This course delivers consciousness training and soul development plus certification to teach Kundalini Yoga as a teacher. I will be administrating for the Level 1 course this year.




I’m hosting these specialized sessions once a month now – usually the last Wednesday, 7.30pm but please check with me first. Cost £5.

Held in the upstairs studio at Tenchi Ryu Aikido

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