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Welcome to Darshan Yoga – Kundalini Yoga based in Barnstaple, North Devon.


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About me

I’m Darshan Atma Kaur and I teach Kundalini Yoga.  My journey into yoga began as Dana Franks and in my ‘other life’ that is how you will know me.  I’m an holistic therapist, Reiki Master, Aikido Sensei.

I’m mother to Joshua who is all grown up now, a successful hairdresser living in the fast lane in London. I live my life now with my love Mark and Mia my dachshund who rules the house.

After 24 years in martial arts studying aikido to godan (5th dan) and iaido to sandan (3rd dan), I’m fascinated with the growth that comes from personal development and when I came across the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, I felt profoundly moved. After one lesson I was ‘in’. Totally hooked and excited to have found a practise of such accelerated expansion, I pursued the teachings with enthusiasm and within a short time (one year) became a teacher.  I love helping and serving people to reach their full potential, that is my purpose and my mission and I’m finding more ways of being able to do that.

I love nature and living by the sea. That is why I find myself here in North Devon, its beautiful coastline is a continual inspiration to me.

I am eternally grateful to my teachers in all their guises, who may or may not be aware of their role in shaping my life. It is a privilege for me to deliver these teachings to you, through the golden chain of Kundalini yoga.

I’m 54 now and feel I’ve just scratched the surface and there is so much more to learn. I am a student and a teacher.

With gratitude,


Darshan Atma


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About Kundalini

Kundalini Yoga …

Kundalini yoga will have a beneficial impact on your physical and mental health. It is a dynamic form of yoga that makes use of the following techniques:

  • Kriya: a sequence of yogic exercises with specific effects
  • Pranayama: breathing techniques
  • Mantra: ­vibration of word and sound
  • Mudra: ­hand positions
  • Meditation

A sacred practise, but at it simplest and most profound – an experience. An experience of what it is to be human.  To be the best human being you can be. That is what it is to me and how I approach it.  There are many books on the subject, youtube clips to look at and opinions to hear but the best thing is simply to do it. Come to class, practise and feel it.  That is really all I want to say as the subject is so vast, infinite and I am not equipped to explain it.

I’ve had the privilege of training at Amritnam Sarovar International Kundalini Yoga School in the French Alps and here in North Devon with Teacher Trainer Shivdev Kaur .

I have received Level 1 Instructor Certification from KRI.


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At present I am online Thursday evening and Wednesday morning.

Here is a link to my classes


All are welcome, beginners and advanced yogis alike. This is kundalini and it’s for everyone after all – there is no ‘beginners’ or advanced’ yoga set.  You can tune into any class at any level and have your own experience. Anyone of any age and fitness level will benefit from these practices.

What to bring …

A yoga mat if you have it, although not essential.  A blanket to cover yourself during the relaxation. A cushion to sit on or help you sit comfortably in easy pose. An open mind and heart.

What to expect …

A ‘kriya’ which consists of postures and movement. A meditation which may or may not involve mantra (chanting). Conscious breathing techniques. A relaxation. Mostly done to beautiful kundalini mantra music.

Cost …

£8 (online price)  It’s drop in so come along as and when you like, although you will feel immense benefit with regular practise.

Here are some student’s comments and reviews for you to look at …

         “Dana is a wise, intuitive woman who teaches beautiful potent Kundalini classes that cater for all abilities.   She is sensitive to the needs of her students and approaches her work with humility and humour.   Her classes have the potential to be transformative.   
I cannot recommend her highly enough”.                                    S.M

        “I have been attending kundalini yoga with Darshan for around 6 months and it is a huge honour to write a review, as the practice has helped and even changed my life in amazing ways. It has helped me manage anxiety which as its worst has been debilitating. It has given me clarity of mind, grounding and self-awareness to name a few! Not only during the class but also throughout the following week.

Darshan has also given me a tool box of ‘go to’ meditations, mindsets and practices to repeat at home as and when required. There has been a noticeable difference throughout my whole body. I’m more aware of my physical strengths and weaknesses. My body and general health has certainly improved.

I have had amazing personal experiences during my kundalini yoga classes with Darshan. The most prominent being an unblocking sensation in my ear that gradually happened through 4-5 sessions. During the movement and meditations my right ear would begin to crackle, echo and pop! As I continued week after week the sensations increased to the point that one evening after a class, I felt extremely dizzy. The next morning my head and ears felt so clear and alive – I haven’t felt any of the sensations since. Sinus and sore jaw issue which had been ongoing has also cleared.

I would wholeheartedly recommend kundalini yoga with Darshan to anyone regardless of age and health. It is a truly magical experience of which I’m grateful to have as part of my life.”

                                                                                                                 Vanessa S.



           “I first went to Darshan for shiatsu treatment in the hope it would help the symptoms of fibromyalgia that I have suffered from for 28 years. I hoped that it might alleviate some of the physical symptoms, including the sheer exhaustion.  However, I can honestly say that in my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined the absolutely astounding effect it has had on me – not just physically, mentally and emotionally, but spiritually as well.  I feel as if I have suddenly woken up after years of being barely awake.

I have now started going to the kundalini yoga classes that Darshan runs and it has turned my whole life around. I feel like a different person.  It is an incredibly spiritual, moving experience – the mantra music so amazingly powerful – you just feel your whole life is opening up in front of you after years of being shut away behind closed doors.

My soul, my spirit feels free, light and enlightened and I feel as if I am emerging into the person I was supposed to be, or even a better version of that person.  And it is all thanks to Darshan, for helping me, and for showing me how to find the path to get back to Me.”



         “Hi Dana,  just to say a quick ‘thank you so much’ for the wonderful healings you gave me, I really feel as if something big has just dissolved away and is no longer so important, being replaced by just going with the flow!”


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Holistic Therapies


My own healing journey began in and around 1998 when I discovered shiatsu. I was very inspired by the effects of this form of healing bodywork on my own neck and back injuries and emotional issues so I embarked on a diploma course with the Devon School of Shiatsu qualifying as a practitioner in 2001.

Shiatsu is an holistic form of healing bodywork from Japan. It is very relaxing to receive, relieving the body of physical and emotional tension.

Craniosacral Therapy

I added Craniosacral therapy to my holistic skills in 2009 after some incredible treatment followed by training with Turning Point Clinics.

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, safe and effective treatment to release restrictions held in the body which lead to symptoms of ill health. Very light touch is used to allow a flow in the natural rhythms of the body and encourage the body to heal itself.


Reiki is something that just flows when I give healing or teach yoga or go about my everyday life. I discovered it after seeing an advert on a post office notice board in 1996. Intrigued I followed it up, had a treatment and therefore started on my path to self development, empowerment and personal healing.  I became a Master in 2001 and now teach others this amazing, accessible and beautiful form of healing.

Reiki is an effective method of hands on healing which restores health by replenishing and rebalancing the recipient’s vital energy. Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive treatment which is very relaxing to receive as it relieves physical and emotional tension at a deep level and brings about a balance of mind, body and spirit.

I offer treatment sessions or I can teach Reiki through the attunement process of Levels 1, 2 and 3 taking you from self healing to delivering the Master level. Please ask me for more details if you feel aligned to further your Reiki journey.

Universal Rays Healing

Universal Rays Healing is a powerful transformational healing process offered through direct contact with the Ascended Masters of Light.  This work assists you to transform your consciousness on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and move into balance in your life.

When you are in resistance to this consciousness, you create chaos and imbalance on many levels, which in turn may cause disease and inability to focus and align to your highest potential.

Receiving this healing allows you to step back into alignment to your true nature and to follow the path that your soul chose to walk in this lifetime, without distortion or illusion.

Universal Ray consciousness allows you to resolve the old limitations of separation and resistance that you create and assists you to move into a place or harmony and love.

I am in awe of this compelling and high vibrational healing which has been channelled by Ishtar and brought to us on Earth now as we need all the tools for living in such  accelerated times.


All treatment time with me costs £40.

First treatment is £45 and expect to be with me for 2 hours for Universal Rays Healing first session and 1.5 hours thereafter

All other treatments its 1.5 hours first session and 1 hour thereafter.

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You can call me on 0781 592 2823

email me at

I can accept cryptocurrency for payment, ask me for details.

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